Friday, February 15, 2008

Roo's Memorial Tattoo

On Wednesday I got my memorial tattoo done. Kris at Stinger Tattoo designed it for me. I told him the key elements I wanted and I LOVE it.

Ruby and I used to always look at the stars every night out of her window and she would beam and sign *star, pretty, shiny, bright* when she saw them.

I had a dream when I was trying to decide what to do as my memorial tattoo. She and I were in a field, looking up at the stars and we saw a shooting star, she went oooo and signed star. So, I knew that it was what I wanted.

So, here are the pictures of it 2 days later. The colouring will get lighter and it has scabbed over nicely.


Gina said...

Beautiful and touching tattoo. I know some people think that tattoos are disgusting but I believe they can be healing and positive. I have what I call a "divorce" tattoo but more than that it represents a new start, a rebirth, and a reminder to make my own happiness.

Mom2fur said...

Your little angel Ruby was surely sending you a message in that dream! What a beautiful way to remember her.