Monday, April 28, 2008

Still A Bug Fanatic

Yep, once again Melody LOVES bugs. She was so happy on Saturday to be out in our backyard picking bugs out of the garden. She found a couple ants that were hurt and made an ant hospital which you can see in the video, it was windy out there, but you can here her talking about the ants and stuff.

Attack Of The Aizen!!!!

We Ordered Ruby's Footstone

We had a meeting yesterday to order Ruby's footstone. It was such a bittersweet thing to do. It will look exactly the way that I want it to but I never thought I would have to order something for someone so tiny and small.

When we get the proof of what it is to look like when designed, I will post a picture of it but right now it's like this. It's a cherry marble that is very pretty.

Ruby Grace Irene
"Our Little Sunshine"
Apr. 16, 2005 - Feb. 12, 2007

(then then is a little precious moments girl in the left bottom corner with a little bunny with her and beside that it will say "Playing In God's Garden")

Eventually we order our headstone, where Daniel, myself and Ruby will all be on there, but that is not something that I forsee needing to do anytime soon. I don't think I can take any more losses for a long time to be honest.

It's so hard to think that I will be burying my little girl's ashes this August. There is some finality to her death process for me but I still just want my little girl with me. I cannot wait to go home to see her when my time here is done. I love you precious Roo Roo!!!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Favourite Hats For Sew Crafty Friday!!!

This is the yarn that I used when I was finishing off my family crocheted blanket, so I finished up the balls of yarn I had and made these gorgeous rainbow hats!!!!

Head on over to Shereen's Blog to see what the other mum's are doing.

I'll continue to make hats in Roo's memory this month, my goal is one or two a day .... I got 7 done this week. We will be going to Sick Kids at the beginning of May and I can't wait to hand these over to Darcy!!!

How We Celebrated Ruby's Birthday!!!

Usually I get a Precious Moments figurine for special days with Ruby, but this time I got a very special tattoo. So, that was how we started our day.

Here are some pictures of our little celebration at Second Cup, Aizen kept trying to eat the chair LOL

The next day Melody and I baked birthday cupcakes/muffins and here is the video of she and I singing Happy Birthday to Ruby!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Random Videos Of The Kids!!

I've been having fun taking random videos of the kids. I wish I had a camera that I could have done this with when Ruby was still alive, but I have a few of her. So... enjoy...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ruby's Birthday Tattoo

This is a very special tattoo for me. Ruby was held in a very deep place in my heart. A place I guard very heavily and when she died, that place felt like it was being ripped from me. It is not a place that will ever truly mend b/c she is not with me. I will forever ache to hold her, kiss her, and just see her.

This is her handprint from when we were waiting on organ donation and I just love what Adam did with it. When she would fall asleep on me there were so many times when she would place her hand right where the tattoo is. If I close my eyes and really think about it, there are times when I can almost feel her little hand on me.

She is forever in my heart and I will guard her spot and never let anything come in, tarnish, destroy or anything to happen to it. It is filled with memories of her, my love for her, what my dreams and hopes for her would have been and what legacy I am creating for others to remember her by.

She was and is my special Roo Roo. She was such a great little kid!! I miss you sweetness.

Happy Heavenly Birthday My Sweet Ruby!!!

Today would have been Ruby's 3rd bithday so I wrote her a poem.

Happy Birthday Ruby!!!
Today you're turning three.
It's still a special day for us,
In my arms I wish you could be.

I look up in the sky,
Bright blue and cloud free.
What are you doing today?
I wish I could see.

Do they have birthday parties in Heaven?
Do you get to eat a cake?
Do you open birthday presents
That your friends make?

I wish that you were with us,
To blow out candles on your birthday cupcake.
Getting caught sneaking bits of icing
That you helped mommy bake.

Every year that passes by,
And you are not here to watch grow.
We will always celebrate your special day,
Making it last all day by taking things slow.

Please have a great day today,
In whatever you decide to do.
Every year we will celebrate,
And blow out your candles for you!

And here is the scrapbook page I made to go into my memory album.


Love Mommy!!!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Is It Friday Again!!!!

It's Sew Crafty Friday again and I wanted to share some more of the hats I have made this week. Complete with a picture of my toe.....

Next Wednesday would have been Ruby's 3rd birthday and this month I have dedicated myself to making hats in her honour. I have started a mini charity called Ruby's Heavenly Treasures, so that parents can come and see the inspiration behind the hats.

A little later when it starts getting more stuff on it, I'll link to the blog I have started for RHT.

Hope you all are having a great day!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Lookie At Me!!!!

This video took forever to get done. I would go to see him and he would be standing, went to get the camera and he'd be on his butt!!

So, here is he with some enticing to get him to stand in the crib.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Caged Up Baby!!!

I took this video of Aizen a few days ago and he's just so stinking cute, so thought I would post this for you Shauna!!!!!

And yes mom, I will make you a cd later on of videos that I take of the kids, so stop dialing the numbers of my phone and (said in a silly voice) back away from the phone!!!! =P =P =P

Friday, April 4, 2008

It's Sew Crafty Friday Again =)

Head on over to Shereen's Blog to see what the other mama's are doing for Sew Crafty Friday.

I worked on some crocheted hats for Sick Kids Hospital. I got 8 done this week!!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I Got Highlights!!!!!

I decided to do something special for myself and got some pretty red highlights.

Well, they turned out REALLY red and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

So, here is the before and after pictures from today.

Hummy Has A Friend!!!!

We had Hummy (our red betta) for a little while now and I wanted to get another one. So, I moved all my Precious Moments over to another place and we got this gorgeous betta.

His name is Rainy (short for rainbow)... he has mostly white body, with pretty greens, blues and a touch of red.

If you want to see how I've housed them, watch the video. =)