Friday, December 25, 2009

Re: Precious Moments (Ruth)

Hi Ruth!! The precious moments you had asked about in your comment was a limited edition that we purchased through the precious moments website. Mine is packed up right now but I will update this post in the next couple days with the number to help you find it, perhaps on ebay? Have a wonderful Christmas and blessed new year. =)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Craft Update

I'm still organizing my craft area in the master bedroom. I keep getting distracted with things. I'll start sorting through supplies and then get ideas of something I want to make and the Crafter Monster takes over and the room gets messy with supplies and then eventually I have to put them all back, get things organized again.... and at that point... I don't want to move furniture LOL Hopefully as the binge of Christmas presents is coming to an end and Daniel has some time off coming up I'll FINALLY get it finished.

So ...... I made this little poster that is just above my scrapbook area. It's 12" x 24" and made with paper stuff. I printed the letter onto cardstock with the cheriliney font, traced them onto the cardstock, cut it out, embossed the total front so they are all shiny and a couple glittery (I ran out of the normal stuff and the other powder I had was glittery ;p). After adhesing them on, I went around with a white gellie marker and outlined the letter. I used my martha stewart border and edge punch to do the flower part and tacked it onto the wall with little ladybug push pins. The flowers I bought at the dollar store and adorned them with a little bling.

Wow... so are you still here after that explanation?? Click on it to see it clearer... or better yet come for a visit to admire my work... wink wink Shauna!!! =P


The next thing I wanted to share was a going away gift for Mrs. Pearl. She has been Melody's EA for many years and has helped her SO much with her autism and we are so sad to see her leave but wish her well at her new job and as she acclimates to a new city.

Melody and I talked about Mrs. Pearl and the things she loved about her and the things she would miss. So! I made this little accordian folder for her. Melody gave it to her and they shared a big tearfilled hug as Melody read the little tags to her.

These are the teacher presents this year!! They are bookmarks that I had fun making. They turned out so well and below is the little packages they go into.

I'll be posting more pics of things later on (mostly after Christmas) once people get their handmade gifts. Love ya guys!! DeeDee =)