Sunday, October 31, 2010

Aizen's Halloween Outfit

Melody's costume looks the same as Friday with a few more layers so I didn't take any pictures of her.

Here is the ferocious dinosaur AiAi!!!!! Look at those predator nails and big teeth!!!!  I just adore the little tail on his tooshie.  lol

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Preview Of Sunday Mom =)

Today (well Friday) was Mel's halloween party at school and I snapped this picture of her before she headed off to have a fun day at school.

This year Melody decided she wanted to be Old MacDonald's daughter.  I think she looks adorable with her little pigtails (they have really grown since she got her hair cut in April!!) and she had her basket of "farm animals".

I'll take pics of AiAi on Sunday for you mom.  We really wish you could have been with us this year but hopefully next year you won't have your therapy the next day and you can stay a bit.  Love ya!!!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Please Pray ~ very sad

Please pray for Ruth and her family.  She is a mama I know on my christian mama's forum.  Her little Rhys died and she had to deliver him.  She was due with him and my heart just breaks for her family.  Please smother them in prayers for healing and that the Lord would pull them into His arms and just comfort their family. 

We love you Ruth and if you need anything, please let me know and I'll do all I can to support you sweetheart.  ((((hugs))))

Thursday, October 14, 2010

UPDATED!!!! ~ Italian Charms For Sale ~ Need Money For Christmas Presents =D

I'll be repeating this post on a bunch of my blogs.... so yep it'll be a repeat if you've been to the other ones. A few years ago, I used to make and sell Italian Charms. It's not a craft I am interested in anymore and I'm selling my stash so I can afford Christmas presents for the kids this year. So... here's the deal:

$5.00 for a starter bracelet
$1.00 per charm
$3.00 shipping for the starter bracelet and first charm, then
50 cents per charm.

These are on a first come, first served basis. I have only one of each of these charms, except on page 6, where I have a duplicate of a couple charms. These are really nice charms. My photography skills on the other hand... well I am not very good at photographing shiny things.

1. Choose (on page 6) what type of starter bracelet you would like. Shiny, matte or shiny with a gold coloured trim. Please measure loosely around your wrist and let me know in inches what that is so I can make sure your bracelet will be big enough to fit you.

2. Write down the number of the charm you want. I made it really easy. Each line is a letter and then the number after it.

3. Leave a comment here with which ones you would like and your email. (I moderate ALL comments so they will not be published) I'll send you what the total will be and give you my paypal address. Once I receive the funds I'll get your bracelet all ready for you to wear when you get it.

4. I'll update these pages when things get sold. Thanks for taking these charms off my hands!! These also make really nice Christmas presents!!!!