Monday, March 24, 2008

Introducting Hummy!!!!!

We really like Bettas (siamese fighting fish) and decided we wanted to have a pet, we've been hesitant on getting another betta b/c of grief and wondering if we could care for a fish. Well we decided to get a red one. We thought about calling it Ruby or Roo.

Well we have been collecting hummingbirds b/c Roo never talked, she hummed and Melody said that Ruby was like a hummingbird, so we decided to call this Gorgeous red betta Hummy, and he has little bits of blue that remind me of Ruby's shocking blue eyes.

Friday, March 21, 2008

A Tribute To Ruby =)

One of the moms that I am working with for my other blog made this for me. I opened my email today and was so touched. So, I wanted to share it with all of you. Thank you Michelle from CMF. It is SO beautiful. You don't know it but that is one of the little bears that I bought when we were waiting on organ donation. I carry it around in my purse for when I need a reminder of how special she was to me.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Where Is Your Family From??

This is a cute little story about Melody who is 6 years old.

She is at school yesterday and they were talking about where our families come from. Her teacher was saying that his family came from England.

So, when asked (I guess she didn't quite understand the question) she said "My daddy comes from WalMart!" ..... (he used to work at WalMart when she was born)

It's interesting and I didn't know that you could buy families there.... would they be in where they sell the photo frame section??

Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Grandpa Bear.... we think..... =P

While Ruby was passing away last year, we bought Melody a special bear named Ariella. She talks to her and holds her close when she is missing her sister. She calls it her Ruby bear.

Well when she found out that her grandpa (my dad) had died, she wanted to get a grandpa bear, so we went to Toys R Us today and this is the one she picked out. An..... elephant!!!!! She said that the fluffy shagginess of it reminded her of her grandpa's beard. So, once again, my darling Melody is just too darn cute. Here she is with her elephant.

My Crocheted Blanket Is FINISHED!!!!!!

First off.... I have to tell you that trying to hold a crocheted blanket up to see everything is REALLY hard to do without having it on the bed and suspending yourself from the ceiling... so after many pictures, this was the best one ROFL

It has 180 squares total and a pretty decorative edging. Each square represents a person or something special in our lives.

Ruby = Light purple
Melody = Light pink
Aizen = Light blue
Daniel = Mint green
Denise = Dark Pink
Light Yellow = Roo's favourite song ... You are my sunshine
White = where Roo is right now in Heaven

Here is a picture of the edging. Thanks for all your help with it Heather, I think it turned our FABulously!!!!!!

This was one of the biggest crocheting projects I have ever taken on and I am so glad that it is done and ready to be used. We've already had some family snuggle time in it and I look forward to the years to come of using it.
Now!!! back to crocheting children's chemo hats for Sick Kids Hospital!!!

Melody's First Sewing Lesson

Melody has been wanting to do a "big girl/mommy" craft for a long time, but a lot of the stuff I do is kinda hard. We tried crocheting...... uhhh nope... didn't work.

Here she is working on a scrap with her lines.

She wouldn't let me take pictures of her for some odd reason while she sewed the 3 sides of her beanbag, she helped me fill it, and I sewed the edging. So here she is proudly displaying her first sewing project.

Friday, March 14, 2008

A Fruit Flower Arrangement?? =P

My inlaws sent us this beautiful Fruit Arrangement instead of flowers because of my dad's passing. It arrived today and it was Instantly consumed. It even had chocolate covered strawberries MMMMMM!!!!!

What a nice alternative to having a flower arrangement sent. Thanks mom and dad!!!! It was very fresh and tasty!!!

Sew Crafty Friday

It's been a very long week for me. You can see in previous posts all the crafting I have been doing. Check out Shereens's Blog to see more people who are participating.

My father passed away yesterday at 6:15pm and I will be making another post about that soon or within the next couple of days about my last moments with him.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Aizen's New Taggie Blanket

So Aizen has been TOTALLY in LOVE with this blue fabric since I got it about 2 weeks ago. If I try to take it from him, he Freaks out until I give it back to him. So, since I got my new sewing machine, I made him a taggy blankie as my first project.

These pictures of me and my machine were taken by Melody, she's such a doll.

This is the fabric that he loved!!!!

Here is the fabric on the other side of it.

And here are a bunch of pictures of Aizen with his taggie blankie.

Pretty Floral Arrangement

We got a nice dump of snow on Saturday, a nice 25 cm. Here it is shoveled up in our yard.

Here it is on our tree out front.... Lovely snow, eh? ...... Hurry Up Spring!!!!

So, we were at walmart and I picked up these flowers and thought it would be nice to put them in this basket I had already bought at Michael's. It's in our kitchen, just above the portable dishwasher.

Here is a close up of all the beautiful colours. I wish it were spring... can you tell?

Couple Cute Pictures Of Aizen

Here are a few pics for all the Aizen fans out there. /winks at Shauna =P

Here he is with his sippy cup. We are trying to get him used to it after we feed him solids. Right now he is just playing with it and giving me weird looks.... what is this thing? and where is my bottle???

Shauna, you've already seen this one... but Aizen was screaming a storm in his crib as he was hungry. I just had to snap a pic of him scootched up to the crib holding onto the rungs. "Let me out!!!!" Soon as he saw the camera, he stopped crying. I put the camera down and he started wailing again. Daddy got him his bottle and all was well.

Blanket Progress

Well, it's now time to start assembling the quilt. All the pieces are crocheted and ready to go. After I get it all attached, I'll do a pretty border around it. I'm hoping to have it done by the end of the week.

So, here is the first picture of all the piles of squares, 180 in total!!!!

Here is the first ones sewn together. I have to tell you about my new crochet hooks. They LIGHT UP!!!! I call them my little mini light sabers. And the handle is so much nicer to hold and my hands don't hurt as much when I'm crocheting. You can also buy them in knitting needles LOL

This is the first part finished. I attached all the tops to the bottoms, and put a simple string in between the squares to hold them together.

Here is a more upclose picture of what I have done.

I can't wait to get it finished and pictures of us all snuggling with it. LOTS of hard loving work have been put into it.

Friday, March 7, 2008

It's Sew Crafty Friday Again!!!!

It's that time again. Over on Shereen's Blog, it's Sew Crafty Friday!!!! I haven't gotten a whole like done this week but I will update you on the crocheted blanket I am working on and what my crafting nook looks like!!!

16/16 white Finished
11/20 light purple
14/14 light blue Finished
12/12 light pink Finished
8/8 dark pinkFinished
8/8 yellow Finished
2/2 mint green Finished

This is the piggy bank Melody wanted me to make here.... It's painted, and yes those are ALL glued on LOL She LOVES it!!!!!

This is my new sewing machine I bought today and can't wait to make something with.

I didn't clean up but this is my table. The blue bins are for various things that I need a lot. And the wired bin are for projects I am working on.

This is the kitchen hutch that went from homeschooling stuff, to diaper change table, to Roo's memorial chest and is now holding craft supplies.

Top shelf is paint stuff, middle shelf is frames and misc whatever needs a home.
The main area has books, magazines, cross stitch patterns, markers, and my sewing machine.

The little drawer is holding paper scrapbooking supplies and aida cloth.

The bottom shelves has extra scrapbooks, italian charm supplies and laminating pages.

I've been working on frames of our family behind our bed and so far I am happy. Still need to fill in a few gaps here and there. But it looks nice.

Here is the rest of that wall.

So that is what I have been busy doing this week.

My Ruby Nook

Over by our bed, on the big wall and wall at the foot of our bed is what we call our "Ruby Nook". It's a place where we have lots of her things, things I have made, pictures, mementos we have bought in her memory etc. I wanted to share what we have since it's a continuation in progress.

The is part of the wall that is near our headboard on my side of the bed.

This is the memorial quilt I received from some of my very close friends that arrived just shortly after her 2nd birthday last year. It is filled with lots of love and comfort and I cherish it. Below it I keep her memorial chest and you can see the little quilt I have been working on to cover it.

This is the little quilt I am working on with Roo's little potty beside it. We'll be buying Aizen a new one. Ruby LOVED this little potty and the songs that it sings would bring back just too many memories if I were to use it.

This is my Precious Moment collection. It's grown quite a bit since I last posted about the ones that are in my collection. I love them and each is very special to me.

In December 2006 was Ruby's last Christmas and one of Daniel's co-workers made her a mini Christmas tree, so we have it over there. Her bassinet is filled with some of her stuffed animals, the blanket from the PICU and a couple of her favourite outfits that I sometimes sleep with. In the bottom of it are some of her favourite blankets, etc....

On this wall is one of the mini mosaic projects I made, I bought a great frame and decked it out with beach themed stickers, etc.

This is the wall I look at when I am blying in bed. We bought a digital picture frame and that is the black on in the middle. It has her full life on there, I still need to do music for it, and it's 90 minutes long LOL I have a lot of scrapbook pages in 12 x 12 frames as well.

This is what the rest of the bookshelf looks like. There are all kinds of things on there.

So, it's a work in progress and I am really enjoying decorating it. It's a constant work in progress as I am always finding things that remind me of her.

He's Sitting!!!!!

Haven't had a chance to post about this but last week Aizen sat on his own for the first time!!!

So, of course I had to take a couple pics and here are some with him looking So cute and one with him and his sister.