Monday, May 25, 2009


It's my baby's birthday!!! Well, she's not so much a baby anymore, she's 8 YEARS OLD!!!! Whooooo hooooo!!! Here are some pictures over the years.

2001 ~ 1 day old in her isolette at the Special Care Nursery (NICU for all my american friends)

2002 ~ 1 year old:

2003 ~ 2 years old:

2004 ~ 3 years old:

2005 ~ 4 years old:

2006 ~ 5 years old:

2007 ~ 6 years old and ready to drive!!:

2008 ~ 7 years old:

2009 ~ almost 8 in this picture:

I hope you had a great birthday weekend and I can't wait to see how much bigger you look when you turn 9 next year. Speaking of tall!!! This child is up to my shoulder at only 8 years old!!!!! She's so going to tower over me in the next few years. LOL

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mmmm A Herb Garden

I started my herb garden today. In a few weeks, I will have lemon basil, dill, chives and sage in the plastic egg carton that is now filled with soil. I can't wait to track the daily progress of these and use them in some yummy recipes!! Yummy!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Lotro Screenshots

I was going through some screen shots on LOTRO (lord of the rings online) that Daniel and I play, so I thought I would share some of my favourite ones. I play a elven level 60 champ named Meridee who is in the kinship Auth Daug Noss on Landroval. I lubs my kin.

OH MY!!!!!!

Aizen got caught red handed eating out of the green bin today! He has started his coffee addiction early... that's right he has coffee grinds on his mouth and my mom caught him and Of Course!! had to get pictures of it. I love the look on his face in the 2nd picture, isn't he adorable?

The coffee grinds are starbucks as well. hehe

They're Home

My mom and brother were finally able to get back into their apartment tonight. Daniel drove them down and I assume they are settling in. I can't remember if I blogged about it but there was a fire at their apt. building in mid March and they have been with us since.

The kidlets have enjoyed having them here and Melody had a hard time falling asleep, she misses them so much already. It will be a big shock to Aizen tomorrow when he finds out they aren't here.

I hope things go well for them and little details get sorted out and stuff. I hope they can get back to normal life easily again and that they will come and see us again soon.

Love ya mom and Phil =)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Future Starbucks Junkie

Aizen loves to carry around empty cups and bottles. He will have a full out fit if he sees a starbucks cup and you don't give it to him right away. So, here he is with his washed out cup, happy as a clam, look at that content little face!! I see a future starbucks junkie in the future, he's already addicted to the oatmeal raisin cookies. /giggle

My mom took this picture of melody and I think it's just stunning, she's such a pretty little girl!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Twirly Skirt !!!! and Happy Mama's Day =)

It's a bit late but HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!!!!

Here is the twirly skirt I mentioned in a previous entry. She is SO happy and has been spinning in it for days. =D

And yes Shauna!! I can make Katelyn one, just send me her waist size and how far it is from her waist to the middle of her calf. You pay the shipping, I'll do the sewing?? =)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Now I'm On A Sewing Binge

I am learning that I go in cycles with my interests. I get really focused on one thing and do it in excess until I am tired of doing it, move onto the next one and then the cycle repeats itself. After awhile I come back to the original one and right now it is sewing.

In the past couple of days I have made a twirly skirt for Melody (I will get a picture of her in it soon, just finished it last night) and 3 grocery bags. I still need to get pictures of those ones as well. I'm not allowed to buy any more cute fabric until my current stash is gone..... whah!!!! cry!!! booo!!!!! /giggle

I am learning all kinds of new things as I sew my bags and I am getting better with my sewing. I put a new little list on my side bar of the things I want to get accomplished craft wise this year.

So, what have you been up to that is crafty?