Tuesday, June 28, 2011


It's Aizen's 4th Birthday!!!! Whooo hoooo!!!!!

We sure have been through a lot with this munchkin.  I was 18 weeks pregnant with him when his big sister Ruby passed away and his first ultrasound picture was the day before her funeral.  We saw him for the first time on Valentine's Day of 2007.  He PROUDLY displayed that he was a boy and here's his first perfect picture:

I went high risk with him as I did with all my other pregnancies.  Aizen wasn't planned but he was most certainly wanted.  I went in every week from 31 weeks to 37 weeks to get an ultrasound done and he Always had his hand right near his right cheek.  This picture is from when he was 34 weeks:

Here is the very first picture of him and look at what he did!  Wiggled his hand up so it could be by his cheek.  hehe

This is by far my FAVOURITE newborn picture of him.  Look at those little balled up hands and the nookie that looks huge on his face.

My little guy on his 1st birthday.  He's a total adrenaline junkie and was being held up in the air for this picture:

2 Years Old and trying his very first plum.  Oh he was so excited and he had it everywhere.

3 years old and he got tools for his birthday.  This kid will follow around his papa all day long and try to help him fix things.  It's still one of his favourite toys.

My little man just a few months ago.  Look how much he's grown up.  I can't believe it's the little peanut who used to kick me in the ribs and keep me up all night when I was pregnant with him.

We've had a lot of challenges with him but he's such a sweet little boy.  I can't wait to see how he develops this year.  School will be great for him and althought he is autistic and severely speech delayed he's thriving and suprising us with new things every day.

I love you Stinker Butt (((((hugs from mommy)))))

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Penguins And Stingrays

We are very blessed to have African Penguins and Stingrays at the Toronto Zoo. They are both magnificent creatures and they were my favourite things we visited today. We have season passes and have been waiting months for both of these exhibits to come.

They have the most intersting feet. I was expecting to see small and webbed feet like a duck, but their toes are more like a stubby finger with the webbing. They travel around in a little pack and are truly a co-depedant specifices. Enjoy the pictures.

Look at the bubbles in the next picture. It was so cool to see that from them. They will get air when they surface and release it just like we do when we are swimming under water.

We were SO Excited to see the stingrays. You can touch them and feed them. They are so very soft and will slow down as you touch them. After the kids were done, Daniel took them to the kids zoo and I stayed for another half hour just touching them and taking pictures.

Aizen touching a sting ray:

Melody touching a stingray:

Here Melody is feeding a sting ray. You hold the food between your fingers and put your hand down low to the bottom fo the tank, wait for them to hover over and suck up the food. It feels so strange at first but it's really quite ticklish after you get used to it.

Another picture of Melody petting a sting ray:

Melody's Birthday

I did a post over on my Bugaboo blog and thought I'd put a LINK to it here so I don't have to use up more photo space on blogspot here. We had such a good time and she had a mix of both boys and girls at her party. We went to a local ceramics shop and painted different pieces, the kids each got to pick their own. The finished pieces turned out so well. So, head on over and take a peek. ((((hugs))))