Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sew Crafty Friday ~ That Week Went Super Fast

Has the week really gone by THAT fast. I forgot to post last week and didn't feel like taking pictures of the crocheted quilt I am working on but here is the update on the squares I have done for that.

16/16 white Finished
0/20 light purple
14/14 light blue Finished
9/12 light pink
0/8 dark pink
2/8 yellow
2/2 mint green Finished

This is the little picture frame that I did for Melody. She picked out the little embellishments and helped me with the polka dots. It was SO easy to do and I love that I can change out the photos as the kids change

This is the little hat I crocheted up last night for Aizen as he needed a new one.

I've been working really hard on Roo's quilt that will be going over her memory chest. I got all the letters and heart handstitched this week.

I did one heart of her favourite song. There will be lots of hearts with different messages going on the front of it.

And here is the detail of the hand stitching I've been doing. The picture is a bit fuzzy but it works hehe

Aizen's New Hat and Melody's Hairdo

So, I recently had to cut Melody's bangs, she was looking like a sheepdog. This is the look she had after coming home from tobagganing with her papa and wearing a hat. I just had to take a pic!!!

Today Aizen is 8 months old and he has outgrown his little blue and white hat. Into his memory chest that one will go. We were out at Michael's (craft store in Canada) and I saw this yarn and just had to make him a new hat!! It's a touch big but fits decently, so thought I would share a few pictures of him in it.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Aizen's Room

I've finally gotten Aizen's room to where I like it. The Blues Clues stickers were Ruby's and I moved them back in just recently.

Here is his door ....

This is what the sign on his door actually looks like ...

View as you look in from the door ....

This is the wall right beside the door as it opens ....

This is the most recent project I made, I can slip newer pictures in wherever I want ....

Here is the bottom of that wall ....

Change table area ....

Storage container with nothing in the top two, diaper area covers and crib sheets in the bottom one ...

His book shelf and chair ...

Our cool reading lamp that is nice and soft lighting, and the picture on the wall my mother in law made for Melody and it's been passed on to each kiddo ...

Here is his crib that all the kids have been in ...

Lola the butterfly to entertain him ...

First view of his closet ....

Other part of his closet with his dresser in it ... hehe

We bought him a Thomas blanket set for playtime on the floor ...

Just a cute pic of my buddy ....

And another cute pic of buddy ....

Friday, February 15, 2008

Links In Comments

I got a comment that had a link on it and stupidly I clicked on, and automatically got a popup warning from my firewall that said it was not a nice link /sigh

I have removed the comment, but in the future PLEASE!!!! DO NOT click on anything that is in my comments box, just in case it's someone trying to do something malicious!!


Dee =)

Sew Crafty Friday This Week!!!!

It's Sew Crafty Friday again over on Shereen's Blog and I have been a BUSY girl this week, wait til you see all the things I have been doing. I've been grieving and channeling it into my crafting!!

This is the scrapbook page I made of Ruby. This is one of her favourite outfits that I miss seeing her in. These are some of her first smiles. It's now hanging on the wall in her memorial nook.

I wanted to make a special name plaque with Ruby's name so this is how it turned out.

So, after I got hers done, I decided to do one for the other kids. So, here is Aizen's....

And here is the one I did for Melody ....
Here are the squares I have done for my blanket. I got 8 light blue, 6 white and 2 yellows done. I got a bit obsessed with them and didn't get any chemo hats done hehe
So here, is the count:
6/16 white
0/20 light purple
14/14 light blue
2/12 light pink
0/8 dark pink
2/8 yellow
0/2 mint green
Can't wait to see what else I get accomplished this upcoming week!!

Roo's Memorial Tattoo

On Wednesday I got my memorial tattoo done. Kris at Stinger Tattoo designed it for me. I told him the key elements I wanted and I LOVE it.

Ruby and I used to always look at the stars every night out of her window and she would beam and sign *star, pretty, shiny, bright* when she saw them.

I had a dream when I was trying to decide what to do as my memorial tattoo. She and I were in a field, looking up at the stars and we saw a shooting star, she went oooo and signed star. So, I knew that it was what I wanted.

So, here are the pictures of it 2 days later. The colouring will get lighter and it has scabbed over nicely.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ruby's Been Gone For A Year =(

It's hard to believe that a year has passed since I held my daughter in my arms and safely delivered her into the arms of Jesus. I miss her so much. The time has gone by so fast yet it has been so incredibly painful at the same time.

I wrote a poem to remember her 1 year death anniversary and we also bought some Precious Moments figurines that I will probably do in a post tomorrow.

Lord, Please ~ february 12, 2008

Lord, please be with my mommy,
She's so sad today.
It's been a year since she held me
And I was taken away.

Lord, please be with my daddy,
He's had to be so strong.
He misses me so very much,
Another lyric added to his song.

Lord, please be with my big sister,
And give her kisses from me.
It won't be long before,
She can teach patty cake to me.

Lord, please be with my little brother,
Whom I never got to meet.
May they tell him all about me,
And how he has my tiny feet.

Lord, please be with my family,
As they miss me very much.
I blow them kisses every day,
And long to feel their touch.

Lord, please keep my family safe,
As they continue on their way.
Let them know our time to be reunited,
Is such a short time away.

by mommy


I miss you my sweet, precious baby girl. I wish so badly that I could hold you in my arms and tell you how much I loved you. I wish you were here to celebrate Valentine's Day with us. I wanted so badly to buy you a gift but instead I am buying a memorial gift. I think you will like my memorial tattoo I am getting tomorrow and it will be hard going there without you and thinking of you wandering around, dancing to red hot chili peppers. I love you so much and my heart breaks every day when I realize that you are not there with me, to open the door to your room and remember that you aren't there. To look around and want to see you playing, and knowing that all I have are memories and toys that you used to play with.

I love you sweet Roo (((((((((((((big huggos and kissos)))))))))))))) mommy

Friday, February 8, 2008

Chemo Hat Patterns

This is in response to one of my comments in my last post.

I don't read patterns well, I get too confused. I just sort of think of what I want to do in my head and do it. LOL

But there is a great website that you can go to that both offers free patterns and hospitals that are in need of various handmade items.

Care Wear I linked the name and you can try some of those patterns. Sorry that I wasn't much help to you, but I would love to see any hats that you do make.


Sew Crafty Friday!!!

One of the wahm's I've gotten some aprons from has a Sew Crafty Friday, where others who look at her Blog can post what they have been working on throughout the week. So, here is my post about what I have been working on this week. Thanks Shereen for such a great idea!!!

I'm currently working on a blanket that will have 100 squares in total with all of our families favourite colours. Each colour representing one of us or something special to us.

This week I have made 6 light blue squares and 2 light pink squares.

Here is the list I still need to get done:

16 white squares
20 light purple squares
6/14 light blue squares done
2/12 light pink squares done
8 dark pink
8 yellow
2 mint green

I have also been keeping up with my chemo caps for the children at Sick Kids Hospital here in Toronto. These are the 3 that I have finished this week. I try to get one done every other day, sometimes one a day. All depends on how I am feeling.

They are all in memory of my sweet Ruby.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I'll Never ~ A Tribute Poem To Sweet Roo Roo

I'll Never ~ February 5, 2008

I'll never get to hold your hand,
As we walk to your first day of school.
Won't get to wave as you go inside,
As my cheek is blown by a breeze that is crisp and cool.

I'll never shop for a new bathing suit,
Watching you splash around in the pool.
Laughing and playing happily,
As your daddy pretends to be the fool.

I'll never kiss a scratch on your knee,
As you ran too fast and fell down.
To place the bandaid on your knee,
I'd kiss you on the cheek and see a disappearing frown.

I'll never take you to your first movie,
Seeing the excitement you can barely hold in.
Big bowl of popcorn just for you,
Pure excitement as we wait for the movie to begin.

I'll never take you to the store,
As you buy a birthday present for a classmate.
The first party you've been invited to,
The day approaches and you can hardly wait.

I'll never see the look of pride in your eyes,
As you show me an A on your assignment.
You spent long hours working on it,
And trips to the store for supplies I was sent.

I'll never be the shoulder you cry on,
When the boy you like breaks your heart.
To offer words of love and encouragement,
And remind you that you have a fresh start.

I'll never see you graduate,
And wave to you from the crowd.
Give you a graduation present,
Of you, I am so proud.

I'll never help you pack your things,
Deciding what you need to take.
Holding back tears of joy,
The drive to college you now will make.

I'll never cry in sheer joy,
When you show me an engagement ring.
As you ask daddy to write you a song,
Of the love you two share for a friend to sing.

I'll never fix your wedding veil,
Just before we give you away.
To know a new chapter of your life is just beginning,
Torn because I want my baby to stay.

So many things I'll never get to see,
So many things I'll never get to do.
To one thing I miss the most,
Is being able to hold you.

Monday, February 4, 2008

He's A Sneaky Litte One!!!!

Aizen had been eyeing his sister's slinky for the whole day yesterday. I was giving her a kiss good night and this is how I found him...... caught him red handed!!! How he got it from off the table is beyond me but he got it.

Friday, February 1, 2008

We Are The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything!!!!!

Last night we went to take Melody to see the new Veggie Tales movie, it was great and I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who loves VT!!!!

Here is Melody with Ariela (her special Roo bear) and Maple:

Here she is with the mondo popcorn that was all hers!!!!

Daniel and Melody in a very funny pose:

Melody and I: