Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Aizen Is 2 Months Old!!!

It's hard to believe but Aizen is 2 months old now!!! He's been getting so gosh darn big. He has an appointment next week to get his immunization shots and a weigh in, I can't wait to see how big he has gotten. At his 6 week appointment he weighed in at 10 pounds!!! WOOT!!!! He's Definately gotten a lot bigger since then.

Aunt Lindsey stopped by today with presents for the kids. Melody got a couple new books and Aizen got a sleeper and a handmade cream blankie. Each of my kiddos have one from her and Melody is now using hers in her baby bassinett with her dollies. THANKS Aunt Lindsay!!!!!

We also went to Melon Head to get Melody's hair cut for the new year!! She looks adorable and she got glitter in her hair ... which daddy got on his cheek from a cuddle with her ... which now Aizen has all over his head from cuddling with daddy. So, we are glitter central over here ... what WAS I thinking when I agreed to let her have glitter ... it will soon be ALL over the house. LOL