Monday, October 15, 2007

New Room Signs

It has come to that time where Aizen is getting too big for the bassinet and needs to go into the crib. It is a bitter sweet time for us because Melody and Ruby were supposed to be sharing a room as Aizen would be moving into Ruby's old room.

We've kept Ruby's room and her door sign the way it has been for the most part. So, this week I am having to take out all of her things and put them in her angel chest. Her chest will be going where Aizen's bassinet is (by her memorial quilt). I'm moving around things in the room because I can't go in there without thinking of her the way the furniture is at the moment.

I made a sign for Aizen's door and decided to make a new one for Melody too. We have these up on the front of their doors. So, thought I would share what I made for them.