Sunday, May 18, 2008

Just For You KATELYN !!!!!!

Hi Katelyn sweetie, this post is just for you. I saw your mommy left me a message that you wanted to see some pictures of your friend Melody, well here they are.

Melody was in a play where she had to be a "clown" fish at school. Doesn't she look silly? Do you like all the colours of her hair? What colours do you see? She got to wear a wig and can take the colourful hair on and off whenever she wants to, isn't that awesome?

In this picture Melody made a picture of her family. Remember the photo album we sent you with the stickers? These are the same kind of stickers and has all of our family members in it. Who's in your family? Maybe you can ask mommy to get you some crayons and a piece of paper and draw a picture of your family!!

Melody LOVES to go out into the backyard and dig up bugs!!!!! Do you like bugs? Here she is showing one of her bugs that she dug up.

We took Melody out to have some hot chocolate. Yummy!!!!! What is your favourite kind of drink? Do you like hot or cold drinks? Maybe you and mommy can go out on a date and have a special juice drink together?

I hope you enjoyed this post just for you sweetie!! Tell mommy that you love her and give her a big kiss. When you see daddy, give him big HUGS!!!

((((((hugs to you sweet Katelyn))))))

Denise =)


Shauna said...

You are way too sweet for words!!!
Katelyn loved loved loved the pics and words to her! She was rolling laughing at the clown pic. She said "good job" to the family pic. She said she doesn't like bugs, "they are naughty!". LOL And now she wants hot chocolate eventhough it is going to be 90+ today! LOL
We will have to take some fun pics soon and share with Melody!
Thank you so much! Once again you are so sweet!
Just a reminder...we are still praying for you every day!!
Love you! Pass around the hugs and kisses!