Thursday, August 14, 2008

Special Dress For Melody

We were going to bury Ruby's ashes last weekend but there were lots of Thunderstorms up in Muskoka so we have postponed it for this weekend on the 16th (which is super sad b/c Roo would have been 40 months old that day).

Melody has been going through a big grief cycle the past 2 weeks and I wanted to make her something special to wear this weekend. On one of my forums a mom made a cute dress for her daughter (who is just itty bitty and cute as a button) and a couple of links to pillow dresses. I took what I like about all of them and made this little dress up for her.

While I was sewing it, Melody came down missing her sister. She saw what I was doing and the tears just started to flow. I asked her what was wrong and she said "That's mine and Ruby's fabric mommy."

The summer before Ruby died, Melody and I had picked this fabric out so I could make something for the 2 girls that matched. It has been in storage and I had forgotten about it. Isn't it amazing that Abba had me get this particular fabric out for this occasion??