Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Our Christmas Tree

Yeah!! It's finally December and time to put up the Christmas tree. I'm enjoying Christmas this year. Last year it was going through the motions so that the kids had a good one. I really didn't want to do it at all last year and just wanted to stay in bed. Last year was our first without Ruby and it was just so hard to get through it. But somehow we did.

Our tree is toddler proofed this year. All the ornaments are at the top of the tree!! LOL So our tree looks kinda funny. We have decided to not put an angel on this year b/c our angel is not with us but with her Saviour instead.

So, here is the Christmas tree in all it's glory!!


Shauna said...

Very pretty! And we have a bear just like yours except ours is red and purple stripe hat and scarf!