Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We Found J-Town!!!!!!!

I am in Bento HEAVEN!!!!! Daniel has a customer at Harknett who tipped us on a little place called J-Town that is near us, super cute little Japanese shops, man, did I have fun. We went today to check it out and primarily to see if they had a good price on sushi rice (and they do!!!) and for bento boxes. Everything we bought at the stores was only $40.00 !!!! We got a lot, whooo hoooo!!!!! I even recognized a few kanji symbols on the packaging.

What is a bento box you ask? Bento is like a lunch box that has a few different boxes stacked on top of one another that you put your yummy food in. It is typically served cold and you can do all kinds of combos, the more creative the better. I was reading on a blog that it is quite popular for moms to be a bit competitive on how kawaii they can make the bentos look. They often have little characters or scenes made out of food. Just google bento and you'll see some very cute things.

Melody wanted a bento box for use in grade 3 and for her birthday. Well we found the cutest little 3 tiered bento box for her lunch and a single click one for her snack.

I also found some super kawaii (cute in japanese) rice molds. One that you can make 2 triangular ones and the others are of 2 little boys and a bear. I am squealing with excitement at how much fun this is going to be!!!!

We also went to the little grocery store there and picked up a few items. We got sushi vinegar, a bamboo sushi mat, rice crackers with nori snacks and I got a red bean paste rice ball. That may sound super odd to you but it was DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!

So here are the pictures of what I got in terms of bento box stuff.

The yellow one is the 3 tiered bento box, the small pink and white clicky, and the rice molds:

Rice molds:

The close up of the bear and boy rice molds:

One of the containers has a divider that you can take in and out. So, those are the 3 boxes with lids. It is all held together on the side with a little clip system. Typically bento boxes are held together with a fabric elastic around them, but Melody will be 8 when she starts grade 3 and this seemed to be the best idea for her.

The snack bento clicky.
Can't wait to start posting pictures of bento stuff we make on the weekends. Sinora!!!


Shauna said...

AWESOME! I can't wait to see your creations! I have seen these before on line but didn't think I was patient enough to do it! LOL