Thursday, October 1, 2009

Wheeeee!!! The Fabric Store!!!

/does a happy dance !!!!

Got to go to the fabric store tonight and I'm pretty stoked with the fabric I got to buy.

I'm making Melody's halloween costume this year. She wants to be a flower and I bought 2 different kinds of fleece. One is a red colour with different colour big polkadots and we found a matching purple fleece that matches one of the polka dots. She'll be wearing green pants and a green shirt. I'm going to make 2 layers of flower petals, then sew them all onto a collar that will go around her neck and fastened with velcro. I'm also going to make her a little hat if she wants me to. I'll start cutting those petals out in the next few days and making it look super cute.

I also got fabric for 2 of my christmas presents. So now I just have to sew those up, I also got to buy matching thread .... yes I get excited about matching thread LOL


Shauna said...

Squeel!!!!!!!!!!!!! (claps hands and grins!)
Can't wait to see pics!!!!!!
Ugh, what I wouldn't give for us to live near each other and have you making me all sorts of cute stuff! HAHA!
I will be checking back often looking for pics!!!

The Tucker Family said...

Just saying hi and I miss hearing from you.