Wednesday, May 25, 2011


It's hard to believe but my little 4 1/2 pounder is now going to be in the double digits.  We're going to be having a fun party at a local ceramics store where the kids get to paint and their masterpieces will be done in the kiln for them.

I'll be sure to update with her "10 year old" photo tomorrow.

I love you sweet Melody and I pray that the next 10 years are filled with fun, joy, laughter and our great night time talks about the Lord!!!!!!

Melody 1 day old in the isolette:

1 Years Old:

2 Years Old (she was the flower girl at our friend's wedding):

3 Years Old:

4 Years Old and jamming at the Science Center!!!

5 Years Old (being silly as always with a pullup on her head!!!!):

6 Years Old and ALREADY learning to drive:

7 Years Old:

8 Years Old (that kid has some really long legs!!!)

9 Years Old:


Shauna said...

Give her a HUGE hug from "Auntie Shauna"!!!
Love you Melody!!!!