Sunday, January 27, 2008

MMMMMM Oatmeal and Peas!!!!!

We have started the journey into SOLIDS!!!!!! It has been going really well. Aizen has been eating oatmeal cereal and peas. And he LOVES peas, I can't get it into him fast enough. So, thought I would share some pictures.... and yes he is sitting in his bumbo on our bed ... we haven't gotten the highchair out of storage. And to be honest right now it's so hard to use it because one of Ruby's last meals was in that highchair ... so bed and bumbo it is for now!!!

He doesn't look thrilled in these pictures because I took them in the midst of feeding him and he has this look of "Mom... just feed me.... stop taking pictures of me already!!!"


Shauna said...

Okay, is it just me...or is Aizen a complete and exact perfect mix of you and Daniel??!! LOL