Saturday, June 28, 2008


I can't believe that my buddy boy is 1 today. It has been a long and wonderful year yet it seemed to go by so fastly. He has grown so much and is no longer my little baby, he's my little boy.

So far, he has had his birthday breakfast of mixed fruit and cereal, opened his presents and LOVES them, had a nap, lunch of mixed veggies and bananas and is now to playing again.

Melody and I will be baking his birthday cupcakes later this afternoon. Then will will have his birthday dinner, daddy will come home and we'll sing happy birthday and blow out his very first birthday candle.

My mom is up for his birthday and the kids are LOVING having her here and I am enjoying a bit of a break. We've been snapping lots of pictures and it's been fun so far.

I'll do a post tomorrow with lots of pictures, yes I know you are already asking for them Shauna!! =P You'll just have to wait /giggles

I love you so much buddy boy and Happy Birthday Aizen!!!!


Shauna said...

Denise, there is NO way he is one!!!!!!! I refuse to believe his birthday either! (giggle)
Can't wait to see more pics of his day!
(make sure I can see sweet Melody, wink wink)