Friday, June 6, 2008

Maple Bear Is Home!!!!

We are SO excited. Maple Bear has made his way home and has he had some adventures!!! He's been to Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Pennsylvania and Ohio. Thanks to our friends who made this a wonderful success of learning about different areas of the USA to her grade 1 classroom.

Here is Melody with Maple Bear.

These are the little toys we made for Maple Bear to play with this afternoon.

This is Maple Bear's castle!

This is Maple Bear's bed. hehe
Melody is so very happy to have him home and as we do things around here, we will take Maple Bear with us and he will have Many adventures with our family.


Shauna said...

What fun! I am so glad Maple had a good time!
Hope you are learning lots Melody!!!
Love you guys!