Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Baby's Sick =(

Yesterday Aizen had a bit of a runny nose and trouble falling asleep. Gave him some tylenol to help him sleep and he woke up all stuffed up today. =( He is in a good mood but stuffed up and doesn't want to eat. He'll only take milk from a medicine dropper that holds 3mL (sigh) at a time.

I'm trying so hard to not let my anxiety take over. I'm trying to convince myself that he just has a cold and is not going to die like Ruby did. He'll be okay and I just need to get through this cold with him. I knew that he would need to get sick eventually but I have been dreading the day that it would happen. Thankfully we have gotten to 15 1/2 months with no sickness, poor Roo was sick before she was a month old. =(

Please pray if you read this that I will make it through this first cold with him. I'm scared and don't want to bury another child. I can't handle that.


Shauna said...

Praying Denise!!!