Sunday, September 21, 2008

Welcome To Ruby and Bubba!!

We have two new additions to our home!!

Introducting Ruby and Bubba.... our new hermit crabs!!!!

This is the new home of Ruby and Bubba. They have 4 shells, a coconut hut, a water dish and a food dish atm. We forgot a couple things at our friends house and they will be dropped off on Tuesday.

This is Ruby. Melody wanted a small one to call Ruby. She's had a little piece of apple and a trip to the coconut hut.

This is Bubba, on the way home, he decided to bury himself. Our friends gave us the 10 gallon tank and the sand. This is where he put himself and about 4 hours after being home he has come out and is walking around.

More video of Ruby in the Coconut Hut.

We are looking forward to getting to know our little hermit crabs. I like things that are in cages and easy to care for... kinda like our bettas!!


Shauna said...

Sooo cute! I bet they will be lots of fun!

Mommato6 said...


Your so awesome!!!