Monday, October 27, 2008

It's Just Another Manic Monday!!!

I thought it would be fun to start a weekly post where I can babble about the chaoticness that is my life. I'm going to try to do 1-2 of these per week.

Life has been chaotic this past week for our family. The kids and I are getting over a cold, Daniel seemed to miss out on it..... lucky him. On Thursday, Melody was in extreme pain and we took her into the walk in clinic where our doctor is and the poor little thing has a UTI. She's on antibiotics and it's really taking a toll on her body. She's tired, cranky, and somewhat cooperative most of the time.

I've been grieving a lot these past few weeks. I feel like I am stuck in a rut and am having a hard time keeping motivated to do things. I see my therapist this week so it will be good to get that little bit of extra support.

Halloween is this week and I have yet to get the decorations out. Atleast the kids have outfits and the chips are bought for handing out. It will be nice b/c my mom is coming up for Halloween this year and I'm looking forward to having her here. She is so wonderful with the children and it gives me a much needed break.

Can't think of much else to blog about... oh other than 2 of my crabs are definately molting (Ruby and Bubba are both in isolation tanks). Lola has been hiding for a few days now, so not sure if she is molting or not. The other two are happy little crabbies.

Have a great day everyone.