Sunday, October 5, 2008

More Additions To Our Home

So we have a few more crabs that have been added to our house. Our crabitat is now called The Copacabana from the Barry Manilow song. Melody can't say that so she calls it the cocoa banana !!! LOL she's hilarious.

So the one on the bottom is Rico (from the song) and Monty is sitting on top of his shell (we love monty python humour!!)

This is Lola (from the song) and she is a purple pincher, the others are ecuadorian crabs b/c they have brown pinchers, she has a purple one.

We have a cork tree for them to climb on and here a couple pictures of them all hanging onto it.

Decided I would take some video of all of them on the wood. They're just neat and funny little creatures!