Monday, November 3, 2008

Ruby Had A Bad Molt =(

Our little hermit crab Ruby had a bad molt last week. She came up after being hidden for 3 weeks. She was very lethargic, which is normal and went shell-less, I tried to get her into her shell but she wouldn't go. I decided to leave her overnight. I was looking at her the next day and noticed she was missing one of her legs. She was not responsive at all, so I left her alone again. She started to get that death smell and we are sad that she did not make it through her molt. Here are some pictures of her.

In the first one it was her first try of apple, she LOVED it, she sat there for over an hour picking away at it. The others are just so cute of her.


Shauna said...

I am so sorry! How did Melody take this one?