Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Successful Molt

Whoooo Hoooo!!! My biggest crab Rico had a successful molt. I'm so excited for him. He was down for 4 weeks, and made a brief appearance last night for some food and water and now he's back under ground chilling. He has lots of new hair all over his body and has nice sharp, pointy little ends on his legs.

Rico is the hermit crab I've been able to bond with the most. He doesn't shy away when I go to the tank, he'll go to where I am and tap on the glass. He loves to be held and I can handfeed him all kinds of food. His favourite is to have yogurt off of a chopstick and then try to steal the chopstick from me with his big pincher, he has a REALLY strong grip!!

So, I'm super stoked that he had a successful molt and I can't wait for him to fully get his energy back so that we can go back to bonding hehe