Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas Scrap Album Part 1 ~ Pages 1 - 9

For a bunch of presents this year for family I made a "Year In Review" book for them. Each of these pages is printed out onto a 4" x 6" piece of photo paper and then were put into a 36 page photo album.

There was 1 scrapbook per "page" and there were 2 side by side. So, for the upcoming posts I've put what pages went side by side in the photo album. Enjoy downloading them mom!! We bought my mom a portable digital frame keychain thingie so she didn't get one. hehe

Click on the images to see details and read any text you can't see. =D

Page 1:

Pages 2 and 3 together:

Pages 4 and 5 together:

Pages 6 and 7 together (and my little girl is ALWAYS making funny faces so I thought this collage was a perfect representation of her personality):

Pages 8 and 9 together: