Thursday, August 19, 2010

Couple Finished Cross Stitch Projects

I've finished up a few cross stitch projects and thought I would share. They haven't been ironed so they might look a little funky, but the lines on the second one are straight. They are going to look great after they get ironed, matted, framed and given to the people receiving them. They have been prayed over and while I cross stitch I pray for those who are getting them. So Jules and William, you've got like 70 hours of prayer each covering ya!!!!! =D

Here is the one for my good friend Julie. She has been such a dear friend to our family for so many years. She has supported me ever since I met her16 years ago. I love you JooLoos!!!!!!!!

This one is for a friend who's need a touch of something homemade for his apartment. It's a really nice pattern and is not girly at all, so I think it will do the job. See you in game William!!!! oh and just for fun /fishslap =P

I'm starting a new one and just got the edges secure and a bit of a line started. I'll post some new pictures of it when there is more progress.