Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sew Crafty Friday ~ That Week Went Super Fast

Has the week really gone by THAT fast. I forgot to post last week and didn't feel like taking pictures of the crocheted quilt I am working on but here is the update on the squares I have done for that.

16/16 white Finished
0/20 light purple
14/14 light blue Finished
9/12 light pink
0/8 dark pink
2/8 yellow
2/2 mint green Finished

This is the little picture frame that I did for Melody. She picked out the little embellishments and helped me with the polka dots. It was SO easy to do and I love that I can change out the photos as the kids change

This is the little hat I crocheted up last night for Aizen as he needed a new one.

I've been working really hard on Roo's quilt that will be going over her memory chest. I got all the letters and heart handstitched this week.

I did one heart of her favourite song. There will be lots of hearts with different messages going on the front of it.

And here is the detail of the hand stitching I've been doing. The picture is a bit fuzzy but it works hehe


Shauna said...

You have been a busy little crafter! LOL I love Melody's frame.

Mom2fur said...

You're like me...lots of projects in the works, some even finished! The frame is cute, and I love that little hat!

Terri said...

Great job, Denise. I love the frame and Aizen is getting so big. I love those cheeks! LOL!