Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I'll Never ~ A Tribute Poem To Sweet Roo Roo

I'll Never ~ February 5, 2008

I'll never get to hold your hand,
As we walk to your first day of school.
Won't get to wave as you go inside,
As my cheek is blown by a breeze that is crisp and cool.

I'll never shop for a new bathing suit,
Watching you splash around in the pool.
Laughing and playing happily,
As your daddy pretends to be the fool.

I'll never kiss a scratch on your knee,
As you ran too fast and fell down.
To place the bandaid on your knee,
I'd kiss you on the cheek and see a disappearing frown.

I'll never take you to your first movie,
Seeing the excitement you can barely hold in.
Big bowl of popcorn just for you,
Pure excitement as we wait for the movie to begin.

I'll never take you to the store,
As you buy a birthday present for a classmate.
The first party you've been invited to,
The day approaches and you can hardly wait.

I'll never see the look of pride in your eyes,
As you show me an A on your assignment.
You spent long hours working on it,
And trips to the store for supplies I was sent.

I'll never be the shoulder you cry on,
When the boy you like breaks your heart.
To offer words of love and encouragement,
And remind you that you have a fresh start.

I'll never see you graduate,
And wave to you from the crowd.
Give you a graduation present,
Of you, I am so proud.

I'll never help you pack your things,
Deciding what you need to take.
Holding back tears of joy,
The drive to college you now will make.

I'll never cry in sheer joy,
When you show me an engagement ring.
As you ask daddy to write you a song,
Of the love you two share for a friend to sing.

I'll never fix your wedding veil,
Just before we give you away.
To know a new chapter of your life is just beginning,
Torn because I want my baby to stay.

So many things I'll never get to see,
So many things I'll never get to do.
To one thing I miss the most,
Is being able to hold you.