Friday, February 15, 2008

Sew Crafty Friday This Week!!!!

It's Sew Crafty Friday again over on Shereen's Blog and I have been a BUSY girl this week, wait til you see all the things I have been doing. I've been grieving and channeling it into my crafting!!

This is the scrapbook page I made of Ruby. This is one of her favourite outfits that I miss seeing her in. These are some of her first smiles. It's now hanging on the wall in her memorial nook.

I wanted to make a special name plaque with Ruby's name so this is how it turned out.

So, after I got hers done, I decided to do one for the other kids. So, here is Aizen's....

And here is the one I did for Melody ....
Here are the squares I have done for my blanket. I got 8 light blue, 6 white and 2 yellows done. I got a bit obsessed with them and didn't get any chemo hats done hehe
So here, is the count:
6/16 white
0/20 light purple
14/14 light blue
2/12 light pink
0/8 dark pink
2/8 yellow
0/2 mint green
Can't wait to see what else I get accomplished this upcoming week!!


Gina said...

I have those wood letters in my daughter's room but I haven't been brave enough to paint them. You did a great job!

Mom2fur said...

Ruby was such a cutie. I'm sure her little nook will bring you as many smiles as tears.
The name plaques are wonderful! And good for you, getting so many squares done. That blanket is going to be so nice when you put it all together!

Terri said...

(((Sweetie))), I've been praying for you this week. I love the wall plaques. You did a wonderful job.


Shauna said...

Love the letters! Too cute!

Roberta said...

Hi, I came by way of Shereen.
Crafting, what a tender way to process your grief. I am sorry for your loss. Your little Ruby looks like a very sweet little girl. Our 2nd son is with Jesus also (Oct. '98). He caught a virus that basically caused a heart attack that his little body couldn't fight and died at 5 days old. Our circumstances are different, but I can greatly empathize with your grief. My grief counselor said the average amount of time someone lives under the heavy weight and symptoms of grief is about 3 years. Personally, for me it was about
2 1/2 years before I noticed one day that the shadow lifted and I was no longer sighing heavily and weeping constantly, and half-functioning in a daze. Not that I ever will forget, but at that point was no longer living under that heavy weight. I say this not to offer advice, but hopefully to encourage you as you press into your grief, and process in your own way. Sometimes people seem to want a grieving person to move on and get past it, but the process takes time. I pray you will know God's comfort, even in this pain.
God bless you~