Friday, March 7, 2008

My Ruby Nook

Over by our bed, on the big wall and wall at the foot of our bed is what we call our "Ruby Nook". It's a place where we have lots of her things, things I have made, pictures, mementos we have bought in her memory etc. I wanted to share what we have since it's a continuation in progress.

The is part of the wall that is near our headboard on my side of the bed.

This is the memorial quilt I received from some of my very close friends that arrived just shortly after her 2nd birthday last year. It is filled with lots of love and comfort and I cherish it. Below it I keep her memorial chest and you can see the little quilt I have been working on to cover it.

This is the little quilt I am working on with Roo's little potty beside it. We'll be buying Aizen a new one. Ruby LOVED this little potty and the songs that it sings would bring back just too many memories if I were to use it.

This is my Precious Moment collection. It's grown quite a bit since I last posted about the ones that are in my collection. I love them and each is very special to me.

In December 2006 was Ruby's last Christmas and one of Daniel's co-workers made her a mini Christmas tree, so we have it over there. Her bassinet is filled with some of her stuffed animals, the blanket from the PICU and a couple of her favourite outfits that I sometimes sleep with. In the bottom of it are some of her favourite blankets, etc....

On this wall is one of the mini mosaic projects I made, I bought a great frame and decked it out with beach themed stickers, etc.

This is the wall I look at when I am blying in bed. We bought a digital picture frame and that is the black on in the middle. It has her full life on there, I still need to do music for it, and it's 90 minutes long LOL I have a lot of scrapbook pages in 12 x 12 frames as well.

This is what the rest of the bookshelf looks like. There are all kinds of things on there.

So, it's a work in progress and I am really enjoying decorating it. It's a constant work in progress as I am always finding things that remind me of her.


Shauna said...

Oh Denise, what a moving tribute!