Sunday, March 16, 2008

My Crocheted Blanket Is FINISHED!!!!!!

First off.... I have to tell you that trying to hold a crocheted blanket up to see everything is REALLY hard to do without having it on the bed and suspending yourself from the ceiling... so after many pictures, this was the best one ROFL

It has 180 squares total and a pretty decorative edging. Each square represents a person or something special in our lives.

Ruby = Light purple
Melody = Light pink
Aizen = Light blue
Daniel = Mint green
Denise = Dark Pink
Light Yellow = Roo's favourite song ... You are my sunshine
White = where Roo is right now in Heaven

Here is a picture of the edging. Thanks for all your help with it Heather, I think it turned our FABulously!!!!!!

This was one of the biggest crocheting projects I have ever taken on and I am so glad that it is done and ready to be used. We've already had some family snuggle time in it and I look forward to the years to come of using it.
Now!!! back to crocheting children's chemo hats for Sick Kids Hospital!!!


Shauna said...

That turned out really beautiful! I love it!!

Mom2fur said...

Oh, wow, that is beautiful in every way! I love the border, and the idea that each color has a meaning! I hope that you will write that down and keep the information some place so that a family member who comes across this heirloom far into the future will know the story behind it!