Sunday, December 2, 2007

Precious Angel PM

I've had my eye on this Precious Moment for a few months now and it's now added to our collection. I didn't know the meaning behind it as it is a Limited Edition and wasn't on the PM website. It represents an angel holding the Saviour on His first night here on earth.

For me, it reminds me that when Ruby can't sit in her Saviour's lap, there is always an angel that will hold her and make her feel safe until I can see her again. It brings me great comfort knowing that she is being taken care of and she is where I yearn and strive to be.


Jyeth said...

Dee this is an amazing tribute to Ruby and your sweet family. It is such an example of the love, faith and power of G-d's eternal vision. You all are a mirror of G-d as I understand him. I am always in awe that he continues to have faith in us and through our efforts to keep our faith in him we grow and strengthen ourselves and each other. Thank you and Melody for making me stronger.