Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas Sweet Roo!!

It's our first Christmas without our sweet Ruby. It's been a bittersweet yet joyful morning. It was hard to get out of bed and open the presents but we did for the kids. We bought a present for each of the kids from Ruby and they both love our choices.

I wish more than anything that Ruby were here, running around excited with a present or wrapping paper in her hand. She used to love the bows on the presents and I remember last year being at my inlaws waiting on my brother in law to get there. Ruby was crouched down looking under the tree, totally in awe of the presents, and picking the bows off of the presents. She had quite the little collection by the end of it.

I would give anything to have more memories like that of her. She was such a curious little girl and it will be hard going over to my inlaws this afternoon, knowing she won't be there to run around with the wrapping paper like last year. I know it will be a good time but how I wish she could be with us. I love you precious Roo Roo. ((((hugs and kissies)))) ~~ mommy