Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Nursing Is A Work Of Heart

This is our first Christmas without Ruby. The money we would have spent on her presents were spent on presents for some children at Sick Kids. We'll be going down next week to meet with Darcy (the bereavement co-ordinator) there and giving her the gifts and also some hats that I have crocheted.

Today it has been 10 months since Ruby died, I made her a page earlier before my therapy session. Tonight I got thinking of our time at Sick Kids and have been wanting to do something special for the nurses in the CCU (critical care unit). The night before she died, we pretty much knew that she would not pass the brain stem tests that were to be repeated in the morning. The nurses that we had treated our baby with such love and care, even though.

One moment in particular comes to mind. I was lying in bed with her and the nurse was checking on Roo. She found that Ruby's mouth was dry and she got a little swab and some water and wet the inside of her mouth. It touched me so much that even though we knew, they still treated her as if she were going to make it. Would moistening her mouth have helped her? Probably not, but the caliber of staff at Sick Kids is AMAZING!!!

So I will be getting a mat and doing this scrapbook page to give to them next Wednesday when we go down there. I thought I would share it with you. Just click on it to see the details and read the message.

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GinaLaughed said...

What a lovely scrapbook page you made for them, Denise. (All the pages you make are!) You are so thoughtful even though you are suffering such heartache. I wish I could give you a real life hug. I just wanted you to know that you are loved. I think about you often and when I do I pray for you and your precious family. BTW....I LOVED looking at all your
Precious Moments. The meaning behind them make them even more precious! Love, Gina in the 'ville from CHFWeb