Sunday, December 2, 2007

Playing In The Flowers

With the scrapbooks I have been ordering, they come with 8x8 white paper. I have given these to Melody to make special pictures for Ruby to put in a scrapbook. Melody is also making a scrapbook of her memories of Ruby as part of her recovery. I want her to have a special place for her memories of her sister. I know that I don't remember much about when I was 5 years old, and I want to preserve as many of those memories that she has now.

This is a picture she made this morning for Ruby. It's of Ruby in Heaven. She is picking flowers in a garden. This is often how I think of Ruby, she was always picking grass and getting into flowers that she shouldn't have been in.

So, I asked Melody if I could share her picture, so here it is. This is how Melody sees her little sister.


Jyeth said...

Oh Dee! This is just an amazing testimony to the sweetness and talents of Melody and your sweet family. I am so grateful to you for sharing. I know this is a difficult time. Your gift of giving to others is such a strong testimony of the power and love that G-d has for us in the future. It will be a time without tears that lasts forever! Thank you so very much for the boost and smiles today.