Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ruby's Been Gone For A Year =(

It's hard to believe that a year has passed since I held my daughter in my arms and safely delivered her into the arms of Jesus. I miss her so much. The time has gone by so fast yet it has been so incredibly painful at the same time.

I wrote a poem to remember her 1 year death anniversary and we also bought some Precious Moments figurines that I will probably do in a post tomorrow.

Lord, Please ~ february 12, 2008

Lord, please be with my mommy,
She's so sad today.
It's been a year since she held me
And I was taken away.

Lord, please be with my daddy,
He's had to be so strong.
He misses me so very much,
Another lyric added to his song.

Lord, please be with my big sister,
And give her kisses from me.
It won't be long before,
She can teach patty cake to me.

Lord, please be with my little brother,
Whom I never got to meet.
May they tell him all about me,
And how he has my tiny feet.

Lord, please be with my family,
As they miss me very much.
I blow them kisses every day,
And long to feel their touch.

Lord, please keep my family safe,
As they continue on their way.
Let them know our time to be reunited,
Is such a short time away.

by mommy


I miss you my sweet, precious baby girl. I wish so badly that I could hold you in my arms and tell you how much I loved you. I wish you were here to celebrate Valentine's Day with us. I wanted so badly to buy you a gift but instead I am buying a memorial gift. I think you will like my memorial tattoo I am getting tomorrow and it will be hard going there without you and thinking of you wandering around, dancing to red hot chili peppers. I love you so much and my heart breaks every day when I realize that you are not there with me, to open the door to your room and remember that you aren't there. To look around and want to see you playing, and knowing that all I have are memories and toys that you used to play with.

I love you sweet Roo (((((((((((((big huggos and kissos)))))))))))))) mommy


Shauna said...

What beautiful words! I pray for you and your family daily. Said lots of extra prayers yesturday. I love you, Daniel, Melody and Aizen. Please kiss everyone for me!

itsmelanie said...

This is so beautiful Denise. We are praying for your family.