Sunday, February 8, 2009

One Room Blitzed!!!

Guess what I did for 3 hours today???

I cleaned Melody's room (with her help). Oh goodness did her room ever get messy, she has SO MANY little toys that it forever just to sort through them and put them in the different bins. She also has been making crafts with markers and kleenex when she should be sleeping, so those were fun to discover. LOL

It's Daniel's week off from his day job this week, so we have lots of plans for doing stuff around the house. It will be good to keep ourselves busy so we aren't obsessing about Ruby's death anniversary coming up in a few days. Please continue to lift us up in prayer so that we can make it through this sucky time, I don't like death anniversaries... they're well... sucky.

Love you guys!!!


Melanie said...

I have to clean kids rooms this week too. Where do all the toys come from? I promise you, they multiply in the toybox ... or floor as the case may be at my house.

Praying for you all this week, and sending love and hugs to you.

Shauna said...

I just cleaned Katelyn's room the other day! YIKES! It was awful! I agree with Melanie....the toys multiply LOL!

Love you lots...praying for you, Daniel, Melody and Aizen!!!